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Kinder Morgan prepares to ship ethanol via Florida pipeline

Christopher E. Smith
Pipeline Editor

HOUSTON, Apr. 9 -- Kinder Morgan's Central Florida Pipeline Co. (CFP) has begun physical preparations to send a batch of denatured ethanol through its gasoline-only pipeline. The company is now replacing pumps, seals, gaskets, and other elastomer-intensive parts with parts compatible with ethanol transport.

The 16-in. OD pipeline began shipments between the Port of Tampa on Florida's west coast and Orlando Airport in 1965. A 10-in diesel and jet fuel pipeline parallels the 16-in. line's route.

CFP will clean the gasoline pipeline this summer and send the ethanol test batch through the line in the third quarter. The company plans to be sending routine commercial shipments of batched ethanol through the line by yearend, saying that the short (195-mile) length of the pipeline will limit transmix.

CFP has segregated storage for the ethanol at the Orlando end of the pipeline. Total storage capacity is 546,000 bbl, divided between 28 tanks of between 8,190 gal and 80,000 bbl each. Land is available for expansion.

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