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Gasification project planned in North Dakota

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Nov. 26 -- Great Northern Power Development LP (GNPD), Houston, and Allied Syngas Corp., Wayne, Pa., have developed a $1.4 billion coal gasification project in southwestern North Dakota.

The project, designated South Heart, will use coal in a chemical process to create substitute natural gas.

The South Heart project involves seven British Gas Lurgi gasifiers that will use North Dakota lignite to produce up to 100 MMcfd of pipeline-quality synthetic gas.

Existing pipelines will transport the gas throughout North America, GNPD said.

The BGL technology is owned jointly by Envirotherm and Advantica Ltd., both of which will provide the technology license, process design, and related technical support for the gasification process.

GNPD owns much of the coal reserves that will fuel the project.

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