Woodford shale gas target in Ardmore basin

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Oct. 26 -- Operators are producing gas-condensate from Mississippian Woodford shale in the Ardmore basin in southern Oklahoma and looking toward higher flow rates and lower well costs.

Gas sales started in the past few weeks from the Nickel Hill 1-26 and Greenway 35-1H wells in eastern Carter County between Ardmore and Davis, Okla., said Bankers Petroleum Ltd., Calgary.

Initial rates were 2.2 MMcfed at the Greenway 35-1H horizontal well and 900 Mcfed at Nickel Hill 1-26. Bankers' working interests are 46% and 75%, respectively.

The WLC 17-1H, whose vertical pilot hole found 325 ft of Woodford, thicker than at other area wells, is flowing back frac fluids and making 2.1 MMcfed of gas and liquids from the horizontal hole. Brock 9-1H has been cased in its horizontal leg, and the rig is moving to drill Brock 4-1H.

Bankers hopes to use results from the wells to create a commercial development program for 2008 in which it estimates drilling costs will be $2.6-3.4 million/well. The company said it may be able to improve productivity by adjusting frac techniques as it learns more about the reservoir.

The company's leasehold is in Carter, Murray, and Johnston counties, and it holds 24,000 net acres acquired in May 2006 from Vintage Petroleum LLC in the Ardmore and Arkoma basins.

Meanwhile, Newfield Exploration Co., Houston, said its gross operated Woodford shale production in the Arkoma basin in southeast Oklahoma reached 150 MMcfed of dry gas, up from 115 MMcfed on June 30.

Newfield has spud 134 operated horizontal wells and has an interest in 222 of the 359 horizontal wells drilled by all operators in that play.

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