Gas production starts from Bibiyana field in Bangladesh

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Mar. 21 -- Chevron Corp. has brought on production Bibiyana gas field on Block 12 in the Habiganj district of northeast Bangladesh.

The field is expected to initially produce 200 MMcfd of gas and peak at 500 MMcfd by 2010. At that time, Bibiyana would be the largest producing gas field in the country.

The field development project includes 12 development wells, a gas plant, a gas pipeline, and a condensate pipeline. The gas plant's full capacity of 600 MMcfd is scheduled to be reached later this year.

Due to the 2005 Chevron and Unocal Corp. merger, Chevron has a gas sales agreement with state-owned Petrobangla. Under that contract minimum volumes of 200 MMcfd will increase to 400 MMcfd at the end of 2008 (OGJ, Dec. 6, 2004, p. 44).

Chevron holds a 98% interest in the field.

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