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General Interest 2007 P12

  • Wed Nov 14 12:11:00 CST 2007 -- WEC: Russia's gas supplies to Europe face risk, Gazprom chief warns
    A Gazprom executive warned that Russian gas supplies to Europe face a serious risk because of the EC's proposals to separate ownership of gas and power production from distribution.
  • Wed Nov 14 11:11:00 CST 2007 -- PTTEP cuts capex as dollar weakens against baht
    The appreciation of Thailand's baht against the dollar has enabled PTT Exploration & Production to slash its capital expenditure in 2007-11 by 10% to 281 billion baht ($8.26 billion).
  • Wed Nov 14 09:11:00 CST 2007 -- Energy bills would cost $1 trillion, 5 million jobs, study says
    Energy legislation currently before the 110th Congress would cost nearly 5 million jobs and drain $1 trillion from the US economy, a study commissioned by API concluded on Nov. 13.
  • Tue Nov 13 15:11:00 CST 2007 -- Canadian outfits to form Pacific Rubiales
    Colombian operators Pacific Stratus Energy and Petro Rubiales Energy plan to merge as Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. in a deal worth $2.5 billion (Can.).
  • Tue Nov 13 15:11:00 CST 2007 -- Analyst predicts oil-price decline next year
    Oil prices will decline as demand for oil from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries flattens or recedes in 2008, says Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy & Economic Research.
  • Tue Nov 13 12:11:00 CST 2007 -- WEC: Prodi urges producer-consumer cooperation
    Italy's Prime Minister Romano Prodi called for producer-consumer cooperation and attention to climate change at the opening of the World Energy Congress (WEC).
  • Tue Nov 13 12:11:00 CST 2007 -- MARKET WATCH: Oil futures prices pull back on lower demand forecast
    Oil futures prices continued to pull back Nov. 12 following reports that the IEA had revised downward by 500,000 b/d its forecast for global oil demand for the fourth quarter.
  • Tue Nov 13 12:11:00 CST 2007 -- WEC: Eni's Scaroni says Europe runs risk of gas shortage
    Paolo Scaroni, chief executive of ENI, called for a reduction of natural gas in Europe's energy mix to ensure that Europe does not suffer a shortage.
  • Mon Nov 12 11:11:00 CST 2007 -- WEC: World will need to double energy supplies by 2050
    The world will have to double its energy supplies by 2050 to meet global demand, according to a new study published by the World Energy Council.
  • Mon Nov 12 11:11:00 CST 2007 -- WEC: TNK-BP calls on Russia to change tax regime
    Russia will have to change its tax regime if it is to attract future investment from energy companies, a senior figure from TNK-BP said.
  • Fri Nov 09 16:11:00 CST 2007 -- US senators press Bush on deepwater royalties
    Forty-three US senators asked President Bush what steps the administration will take to recover several billion dollars of apparently lost federal deepwater offshore royalties.
  • Fri Nov 09 16:11:00 CST 2007 -- House GOP members demand energy bill with 'energy in it'
    Having been excluded from energy bill discussions, US House Republicans said they are counting on "fossil fuel Democrats" to safeguard 2005 EPACT provisions designed to increase domestic oil and gas production.
  • Fri Nov 09 12:11:00 CST 2007 -- MARKET WATCH: Crude prices retreat again
    The New York Mercantile Exchange broke out of its recent seesaw pattern with front-month benchmark crude trading down Nov. 8 for the second consecutive session.
  • Fri Nov 09 10:11:00 CST 2007 -- Citgo parts with two US asphalt refineries
    Citgo Petroleum has agreed to sell two asphalt refineries in Paulsboro, NJ, and Savannah, Ga., and a terminal in Wilmington, NC., to NuStar Asphalt Refining.
  • Thu Nov 08 13:11:00 CST 2007 -- Colonial CEO describes workforce recruitment, retention challenges
    The nation's largest oil products pipeline system faces the impending retirement of a quarter of its workforce and competition from other industries for new employees as it prepares a large expansion of operations, its chief executive told a US Senate committee on Nov. 6.
  • Thu Nov 08 10:11:00 CST 2007 -- US gas reserves climbing as oil falls again
    US proved reserves of gas were up 3.3% in 2006 compared with 2005, natural gas liquids reserves were up 3.8%, and crude oil reserves fell 3.6%, the Energy Information Administration reported.
  • Thu Nov 08 09:11:00 CST 2007 -- Penn West Energy to acquire Canetic Resources
    Penn West Energy Trust announced that it would buy fellow Canadian trust Canetic Resources Trust. The combined company, to be called Penn West, will have production of 200,000 boe/d.
  • Thu Nov 08 08:11:00 CST 2007 -- Former senator sees pitfalls in deepwater royalty measure
    A former US senator who helped formulate federal deepwater leasing incentives in the early 1990s warned that imposing price thresholds now on 1998-99 Gulf of Mexico leases could create major legal problems.
  • Thu Nov 08 08:11:00 CST 2007 -- US House members trade charges as oil price climbs
    US House Democratic and Republican leaders accused each other of inaction as oil prices climbed toward $100/bbl.
  • Thu Nov 08 08:11:00 CST 2007 -- UK government to launch new energy bill
    The UK plans to introduce an energy bill that will aim to deliver secure energy supplies and focus on improving development and decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure.

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