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Kvitebjorn field production reduced in North Sea

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Dec. 28 -- Natural gas and oil production from Kvitebjørn field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea is being reduced by 50% for 5 months, effective Dec. 23, said operator Statoil ASA.

During that time, output will be reduced to 95,000 boe/d from 190,000 boe/d, in the interest of "sound reservoir management and safe drilling operations" for wells remaining to be drilled, based on reservoir conditions and available methods for drilling in reservoirs with high pressure and high temperature. That would amount to a net decrease of 15,000 boe/d in 2007 for Statoil, said company officials.

Meanwhile, Statoil will meet commitments to gas customers by increasing production from other fields.

Kvitebjorn has been on stream since autumn, 2004. Located in 190 m of water, it was Statoil's first high-pressure and high-temperature field and was expected to plateau in late 2005. However, in February 2006, estimates of recoverable reserves from the field were increased by 50%, or by 29 billion cu m. of natural gas and 70 million bbl of condensate.

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