Hydrocracker due Cartagena refinery

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Oct. 2 -- Repsol YPF SA has selected Axens NA's technologies for the planned expansion of its 100,000 b/cd Cartagena refinery in Murcia, Spain.

The new refining train will include a 50,000 b/d hydrocracker that will convert a blend of heavy vacuum and heavy coker gas-oils into high-quality, ultralow-sulfur middle distillates for the European market.

Axens is committed also to provide a C5-C6 alkane isomerization unit to boost gasoline pool octane, two hydrodesulfurization units to produce ultralow-sulfur diesel from straight run and light coker gas-oil, and a coker naphtha HDS unit.

The new facilities are scheduled to start up in fourth quarter 2010.

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