Turkish Black Sea gas discovery gauged

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, June 28 -- Toreador Resources Corp., Dallas, gauged a natural gas discovery on the Turkish Black Sea shelf east of its Dogu Ayazli structure and on the same fault trend.

Bayhanli-1 flowed 7.2 MMcfd of gas with 1,100 psi flowing wellhead pressure through a 32/64-in. choke from 48 ft of perforations.

Toreador and partner Stratic Energy Corp., Calgary, were moving the Prometheus jack up to drill the Kuzey Akkaya prospect in a new area north of the Akkaya structure. It will then drill the Dogu Ayazli-3 well.

The companies were installing a production tripod on the Akkaya structure at the South Akcakoca subbasin project. The Saturn jack up is to tie the Akkaya wells back to the tripod.

Meanwhile, construction started near the town of Cayagzi on the onshore production facility that will handle gas from the subbasin. To be operating by the end of October, the plant will have initial capacity of 75 MMcfd of gas and will be expandable to double that rate. It will connect to the Turkish national gas grid.

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