Alkylation unit planned for Indian refinery

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, June 13 -- Reliance Petroleum Ltd. plans to add an 83,000 b/d alkylation unit at its 580,000 b/d export refinery under construction in Jamnagar, India.

ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Co. will provide its sulfuric acid alkylation technology, which combines propylene, butylenes, and pentylenes with isobutane to form alkylate having high octane and low vapor pressure for gasoline blending.

The plant will include several large reactor trains utilizing mixed butylenes and isobutane feedstocks.

Reliance is a Reliance Industries Ltd. subsidiary formed to own and operate the refinery, which is expected to begin operations in December 2008. Chevron Corp. holds a 5% equity ownership in Reliance Petroleum, with an option to increase it to 29% (OGJ, Apr. 13, 2006, p. 38).

Reliance operates an existing 660,000-b/cd refinery—the world's third largest—at Jamnagar. The new refinery will enable the company to process heavier crude oil.

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