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CNOOC eyes Panyu 30-1 development drilling

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, May 16 -- China National Offshore Oil Corp. expects to begin development drilling in September in Panyu 30-1 gas field in the eastern South China Sea after completion of a platform.

Development of field infrastructure is under way. Rig Design Services Ltd., London, designed the platform rig, and Offshore Oil Engineering Co. Ltd. has completed installation of the 213 m high, 25,200-ton platform jacket with Hydro Marine Services' Intermac 650 barge, which was recently modified to load out and float off platform decks and jackets.

J. Ray McDermott SA, which owns Hydro Marine, calls it "the largest jacket ever constructed in China" and "a significant step in the development of China's engineering of deepwater offshore oil technologies."

Reserves in Panyu 30-1, for which CNOOC is sole owner and operator, are estimated at 87.2 million boe (OGJ, July 11, 2005, p. 35).

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