Dragon tests Lam field well in Caspian

Eric Watkins
Senior Correspondent

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29 -- Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Ltd, a unit of Dragon Oil PLC, Dublin, said its Lam field well, LAM 10/112, drilled from the refurbished LAM 10 platform in the Cheleken Contract Area in the Turkmenistan section of the Caspian Sea, has tested oil from Zones 4, 5, and 6 at a combined rate of 2,950 b/d.

Dragon said well LAM10/112 was spudded on Oct. 14 and drilled to 3,629 m TD in reservoir Zone 7.

The well was successfully completed using a dual completion, enabling two reservoir intervals, at different reservoir pressures, to be produced at the same time.

Reservoir Zones 5 (lower part) and 6 were produced through the lower completion string and tested at a rate of 2,087 b/d. The upper part of reservoir Zone 5 and Zone 4 was produced through the upper completion string and tested at a rate of 863 b/d. Both intervals will be produced together.

Dragon said that the Iran Khazar jack up rig has been skidded to start drilling the fourth well, LAM 10/113, from the LAM 10 platform.

Plans call for the well to be drilled to 3,700 m TD.

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