Toreador secures jack up for work off Turkey

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Oct. 20 -- Toreador Resources Corp., Dallas, has secured an option on Petromar's Saturn jack up for drilling in the South Akcakoca subbasin off Turkey.

The jack up is available to begin work in the area in December as Toreador and partners work to start gas production from the subbasin in the second half of 2006.

Included in the work by Saturn and a sister rig, Prometheus, is redrilling of the Ayazli 2 and 3 gas wells, which recently sustained damage during an unsuccessful attempt to set a protective production structure (OGJ Online, Oct. 05, 2005). Later the rigs will set production platforms.

The Prometheus is on location to drill Cayazli-1 south-southeast of the Akkaya-1 delineation well about 3 km from shore. Drilling there is expected to be complete in late November.

Also, Toreador has signed a letter of intent for the Atwood Oceanics Southern Cross semisubmersible to drill exploration wells in the Eregli subbasin and deeper water wells on the Akcakoca and adjacent structures to the north of the Ayazli and Akkaya gas discoveries. That work is to begin next April.

Project partner Stratic Energy Corp., Calgary, said details of the exact locations, objectives, and numbers of wells will be determined shortly.

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