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Toreador, partners find gas in Black Sea off Turkey

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Aug. 18 -- Toreador Resources Corp., Dallas, and partners reported successful tests from Ayazli-2 and Ayazli-3 natural gas wells in the Black Sea's South Akcakoca subbasin off Turkey.

Toreador is operator with a 36.75% working interest in the permit area. Stratic Energy Corp., Calgary, holds 12.25%, and Turkish Petroleum Corp., 51%.

The Ayazli-2 well indicated 20 m of gas pay in two zones at 920.5-1,045 m. On test, it flowed at an aggregate 9 MMcfd of gas through a 48/64-in. choke. Other productive intervals are present at 725-877 m.

Toreador expects to ultimately perforate and produce an additional 31 m of gas-bearing sands uphole after the deeper zones are fully depleted, Stratic said. Previously, wireline logs indicated gas in six intervals in the Eocene-age Kusuri formation.

The Ayazli-3 well indicated 33 m of gas pay in five intervals at 747-1,067 m. On test, the well flowed at an aggregate 8.7 MMcfd of gas through a 48/64-in. choke. Several additional zones remain to be tested.

The aggregate flow rate does not represent the full capacity of the intervals tested because higher pressure encountered in the lower zones caused the flow from the lower pressure upper zones to be severely limited, Stratic said.

Future wells will be designed for dual completion in order to maximize flow rates.

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