Pearl to install two more Jasmine platforms

By an OGJ correspondent
BANGKOK, Aug. 15 -- Pearl Energy Ltd., Singapore, plans to install two additional production platforms and associated pipelines for Jasmine oil field, Block B 5/27, Gulf of Thailand.

Evaluation of delineation wells drilled in May showed sufficient oil reserves in the area to justify commercial development of two locations to complement the existing production platform A.

The company awarded a contract to CUEL Ltd., the largest operator of offshore fabrication in Thailand, to construct and install the platforms and pipelines.

Pearl intends by year-end to certify reserves of Jasmine, whose gross production at the end of July was 11,200 b/d. The firm earlier estimated total oil production at Jasmine at 1.632 million bbl (OGJ Online, June 10, 2005). It was brought on stream in June initially at 2,000 b/d.

The new platforms, B and C, are due to start operation in the first quarter of 2007.

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