Statoil, Norsk Hydro charter Eirik Raude rig for Barents Sea project

Statoil ASA and Norsk Hydro ASA have chartered Ocean Rig ASA's Eirik Raude semisubmersible to drill three exploration wells in the Barents Sea.

The 340 million kroner charter also covers the cost of upgrading the rig to a full 8-point anchoring system, a mobilization fee, and an option to drill a well for Norsk Hydro in the North Sea prior to the Barents Sea program. (OGJ Online, Apr. 19, 2004).

Starting in late autumn, the Eirik Raude will drill one well each in areas G and F for Statoil and one in area C, which Norsk Hydro operates.

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