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Russian diplomat becomes Energy Charter Conference vice-chairman

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Jan. 6 -- A senior Russian diplomat has assumed his role as one of two 2004 vice-chairmen of the Brussels-based Energy Charter Conference (ECC), an organization promoting energy cooperation among 51 Asian and European countries.

Andrei Denisov, Russia deputy foreign minister, was appointed at the end of 2003. He joined Kazuyuki Katayama, director of energy resources division, Economic Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Katayama has been vice-chairman of the conference since November 2002. His designation for 2004 was approved last year.

Energy Charter Conference Chairman Henning Christophersen called Denisov's appointment a "positive, tangible sign" of Russia's commitment to remain fully engaged in the work of the Energy Charter process.

"It is well known that Russia has not yet ratified the Energy Charter Treaty, which remains a major concern for our organization", said Christophersen, adding that Denisov's appointment ensures Russia will be represented.

"This can only help to improve and strengthen our dialogue with the Russian authorities on all aspects of the Energy Charter's work," he added.

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