Production test due at Chinguetti appraisal off Mauritania

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Sept. 18 -- The Woodside Petroleum Pty. Ltd.-led joint venture plans to production test the Chinguetti 4-5 appraisal/early development well on Block 4 in the Atlantic Ocean, a group participant reported.

Roc Oil Ltd., Sydney, said wireline logging "essentially confirmed the pre-drill expectation for this well in terms of the thickness, quality and hydrocarbon content of the reservoir." TD is 2,605 m.

"The reservoir sands appear to be of generally good to excellent quality with a gross oil column in the order of at least 50 m and a net to gross ratio in excess of 50%," Roc Oil said.

Chinguetti-1, a 2001 discovery in the Senegal-Mauritania Coastal basin, found good quality, low sulfur oil in Tertiary Miocene deepwater turbidite sandstones on a typical salt dome. The discovery well is in 815 m of water 85 km northwest of Nouakchott (OGJ, Jan. 21, 2002, p. 30).

Not yet declared commercial, Chinguetti could become Mauritania's first field with production to begin as early as 2006. Early estimates were of about 100 million bbl recoverable.

Joint venture interests are Woodside Mauritania Pty. Ltd. and AGIP Mauritania BV 35% each, Hardman Resources Ltd., Perth, 21.6%, Fusion Mauritania B Ltd. 6%, and Roc Oil 2.4%. Fusion plans to sell most of its interest to Premier Oil PLC, London.

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