Petro-Canada to consolidate eastern Canada refining, shut Oakville unit

By OGJ editors

HOUSTON, Sept. 5 -- Petro-Canada has reviewed its eastern Canada refining operations and reported it will shut down its Oakville refining operations, expand its existing Oakville terminal facilities, and consolidate eastern Canada refining operations at its Montreal refinery. These activities will be timed according to the need to comply with 30 ppm sulfur gasoline legislation effective Jan.1, 2005, the company said.

Petro-Canada will boost capacity at the Montreal refinery during the next 16 months to provide additional gasoline, distillate, and asphalt production, and to ensure continued feedstock supply to Petro-Canada's lubricants business. The refinery, along with other sources, will supply the Ontario market previously covered by the Oakville refinery, which Petro-Canada has operated since 1958.

Product will be delivered to Ontario through a reversed, expanded Trans-Northern Pipeline.

The expansion of existing terminal operations is expected to be relatively straightforward, Petro-Canada said, as tankage and loading facilities currently part of the refining operation are converted for use in the expanded terminal, and existing refinery process units are decommissioned.

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