NEB approves Trans-Northern pipeline capacity expansion, flow reversal

By OGJ editors

HOUSTON, Aug. 8 -- Canada's National Energy Board has approved an application by Cagary-based Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc. (OGJ Online, Nov. 8, 2002) to increase pipeline capacity on its 10-in. products pipeline system from Montréal, Que. to Farran's Point near Ingleside, Ont., and to reverse the direction of flow from Farran's Point to the Clarkson Junction in Mississauga, Ont.

The $85.58 million (Can.) project is scheduled for completion by yearend 2004.

Trans-Northern will replace a total of 45 miles of 10-in. pipe with 16-in. pipe in four line segments between Montréal and Farran's Point and will upgrade four existing pump stations at Montréal and Como, Que., and at Lancaster and Ingleside, Ont. It also will construct four storage tanks at the Farran's Point pump station.

To reverse the direction of flow between Farran's Point and Toronto from a west-to-east direction to an east-to-west direction, Trans-Northern will add three pump stations on the existing 10-in. pipeline near Iroquois, Mallorytown, and Kingston, Ont.

NEB also gave Petro-Canada priority access to 45 864 b/d on the line from Montréal to Oakville and Ultramar Ltd. priority access to 11,466 b/d.

Capacity from Montréal to Farran's Point will increase to 132,300 b/d from 66,150 b/d. After flow-direction reversal, capacity from Farran's Point to Belleville will increase to 72 450 b/d from 63 000 b/d, and capacity from Farran's Point to Ottawa will increase by 18,900 b/d to 100,800 b/d.

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