Peru sets Camisea transportation rates; development drilling continues

By an OGJ correspondent

LIMA, June 6 -- Peruvian energy regulator Osinerg has set the maximum tariff rates for the transportation of natural gas through the main pipeline by Transporte Gas Natural from the Camisea natural gas fields on the eastern slopes of the Andes to the Lima-Callao city gate.

The tariffs have been established as $0.8874/Mcf of gas for electricity generators and $1.2663/Mcf of gas for other users.

Maximum tariffs for the distribution of gas through high-pressure lines in the Lima and Callao concessions are set at $0.1460/Mcf for electricity generators and $0.1961/Mcf for other users.

The first 2-year tariff period is to begin May 1, 2004, and will be applied from the start of commercial operations expected to take-off in August of the same year.

Development drilling continues
Meanwhile, Parker Drilling Co. is drilling the fourth development well in the Camisea fields, the last in the first stage of the project.

Luis Ortigas, the Camisea project's general coordinator for the Peruvian government, said that the project had now advanced by 70% and by June 2004 was expected to start testing. He estimates investment for exploration, transportation, and distribution to total $1.5-1.6 billion.

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