Burlington shuts-in natural gas production into Madden field plant

By OGJ editors

HOUSTON, June 24 -- Burlington Resources Inc. Friday reported that it would shut-in all of its natural gas production into Madden field's Lost Cabin Gas plant in central Wyoming. The company emphasized that no failures or release of gas prompted its decision.

The company decided to shut-in production "after localized pipe deformations were found during inspection of the field's high-pressure gathering system," the company said. Engineering studies are currently under way to determine the cause of these deformations.

Production capacity into the plant is about 310 MMcfd of gas, with about 210 MMcfd of treated sales gas capacity, the company reported. Burlington holds 42% interest in the plant's production capacity.

"These actions are not expected to affect the long-term value of this legacy asset. Additional information will be provided when the extent and duration of this precautionary shutdown can be determined," Burlington said.

Shortly after Burlington's announcement, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said that the company's rating outlook would "not immediately" be affected.

"The Madden facility accounts for roughly 3-4% of Burlington's daily production," S&P reported. "At this point, the extent and duration of the curtailment has not been determined," the analyst added.

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