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Shell Nederland brings propylene glycol ether plant on stream

By the OGJ Online Staff

HOUSTON, Jan. 18 -- Shell Nederland Chemie BV has brought a 100,000 tonnes/year propylene oxide glycol ether plant on stream at Pernis, the Netherlands.

The plant makes propylene glycol monomethyl ether, di propylene glycol mono methyl ether, and propylene glycol mono ethyl ether, some of which will be esterified to form acetates. It began operations at end-November and has been tested at design capacity.

It adjoins a multipurpose plant in Pernis, which is producing 65,000 tonnes/year of ethylene oxide glycol ethers and brake fluids.

Marc Schoonakker, assistant plant manager, said, "The smooth start-up and integration with the existing unit will enable reliable and cost-effective operations with reduced grade switching compared with the past."

The unit is connected by pipeline to cost-competitive propylene oxide supplies from Shell's existing styrene monomer and propylene oxide operations in Moerdijk.

Demand for propylene oxide glycol ethers as high-performance solvents is increasing worldwide in order to meet environmental quality legislation, said Graham Whitehead, vice-president for solvents.

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