Nang Nuan redevelopment on hold after failure of well

By an OGJ Online Correspondent

BANGKOK, Dec. 27 -- Thai Shell Exploration & Production Co.'s planned revival of production from Thailand's first offshore oil field is doubtful, officials said.

A well drilled in Nang Nuan field this year was a failure, raising questions about the productivity of the field off the Chumphon coast. A previous reentry of Nang Nuan B01 produced 7,500 b/d of light crude (OGJ Online, July 26, 2001).

"[The field] poses a technical challenge for us. For one thing, we now know that the (Nang Nuan B01) was able to recharge its oil reservoir after 4 years, but we don't know whether how long it would produce," a Thai Shell executive said.

The high temperature of Nang Nuan crude, at 100° C, poses other technical problems for the specially-designed early production facility that would be put in place, he said.

At peak, Nang Nuan B01's peak production was 12,000 b/d. It yielded 4.25 million bbl of oil before excessive water intrusion stopped production in 1997 (OGJ Online, Nov. 20, 2000).

Thai Shell will likely return to Nang Nuan B01 well to get a clear picture with the view of producing from there, rather than drilling wells nearby.

The indecision has also put on hold Thai Shell's plan to farm out its 1,307-sq km block B6/27, which houses Nang Nuan (OGJ Online, Apr. 25, 2001).

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