Chile's ENAP plans delayed coker for Concon refinery

HOUSTON, Oct. 30 -- A Foster Wheeler Ltd. subsidiary has signed a deal with Chilean state oil company Empresa Nacional de Petroleo (ENAP) to build a delayed coker.

The $300 million project is set for the 94,350-b/d Concon refinery. Foster Wheeler will perform basic engineering, followed by a second phase to include engineering, procurement, and construction.

Companies signing letters of interest with ENAP to participate in the development of the project include Perez Companc of Argentina, Petroleo Brasileiro SA of Brazil, Ferrostaal of Germany, and Alberta Energy Ltd.

The coker will process 20,000 b/d of heavy oil to produce petroleum coke. Foster Wheeler's scope of work will also include the building of a 44,000 b/d diesel and naphtha hydrotreating plant and units for liquefied petroleum gas treatment, amine regeneration, sour water stripping, and other miscellaneous equipment.

Construction is due to begin in 2002. Startup would be in 2005.

In 1998, Foster Wheeler and ENAP completed a project at the 100,640-b/d Talcahuano refinery. It combined a delayed coking facility with a cogeneration unit to generate steam and electric power needs for the refinery as well as providing power for the local electric grid.

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