Tidelands seeks permits to build gas line to Mexico

By the OGJ Online Staff

HOUSTON, Sept. 5 -- Tidelands Oil & Gas Corp.'s subsidiary Reef International LLC has filed for construction and operating permits for a pipeline to deliver natural gas, propane, and butane into Mexico.

The Corpus Christi, Tex., company said, "The Eagle Pass/Piedras Negras pipeline crossing is essential to meet the growing energy demands of the region. It will afford the most efficient and best expansion means of gas supply and gas products to the region as compared to the current means being utilized."

The diameter of the pipeline was not disclosed. Completion is planned for the first quarter.

Tidelands said, "The construction of the international pipeline crossing represents the first step in refocusing of Tidelands operations into a major transporter and processor of natural gas and propane and butane into Mexico."

The company's assets include an 80-mile gas pipeline network linked to a natural gas processing plant in south Texas.

On Mar. 15 the Texas Railroad Commission and the US government gave Tidelands expedited processing for an international pipeline crossing.

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