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Rotary rig count stable in US, falls in Canada

By the OGJ Online Staff

HOUSTON, Aug. 3 -- The weekly rig count was steady for the US and its waters while Canada's count fell slightly, according to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston.

There were 1,266 rotary rigs working in the US and its waters compared to 981 for the comparable period a year ago. In Canada, the rig count fell 18 to 269 from last week's total of 269. A year ago, Canada's count was 335.

Of the rigs working in the US and its waters this week, 218 were drilling for oil; 1,047 were drilling for gas; and 1 was unclassified. There were 1,091 rigs on land; 21 in inland waters, and 154 offshore.

The count in Texas rose 4 from last week to 505; New Mexico rose 3 to 81; Oklahoma rose by 2 for a total of 157; Alaska's count rose 1 to 13; California and Louisiana each lost one rig for counts of 42 and 226 respectively; and Wyoming lost 2 for a final count of 62.

Mobile offshore rig utilization in the US Gulf of Mexico fell steeply this week, said ODS-Petrodata Group, Houston. Eight rigs were no longer on contract resulting in a 79.6% utilization rate for the fleet of 211. This is the seventh week in a row the region's offshore rig utilization has fallen, said ODS-Petrodata.

Utilization in Europe/Mediterranean Sea region rose by 2 rigs for a total utilization of 98.1% of the fleet of 103.

Worldwide, ODS-Petrodata said mobile offshore rig utilization fell slightly to 87.4% of the 653 rigs in the fleet.

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