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Atheer to supply gas to Dubai

The Abu Dhabi Gas Co. (Atheer) Thursday announced that it plans to ramp up its total gas processing capacity to 3 bcfd in 2001, according to a report from Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries' news agency, OPECNA.

The company will also take on responsibility for the "first time" of supply of gas to Dubai, via a 48-in., 112-km pipeline.

Atheer said its principal objective is the development of natural gas resources in Abu Dhabi, so that the company can "secure additional supplies and meet future domestic demand." Atheer added that it also planned to use its existing gas resources for injection into oil reservoirs, to sustain oil production levels.

The company was set up in June 1999 to handle processing of associated and non-associated gas and the transportation and distribution of natural gas, condensate, natural gas liquids, and liquid sulphur to consumers within the United Arab Emirates. It also operates and maintains the pipelines required for these operations.

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